It’s been roughly 5 years since I was blogging consistently on the SharePoint Analyst HQ blog and some of you may be wondering where I have been and what has been going on! Well, the last 5 years has been quite a ride to say the least. We spent 5 years starting, creating and growing a successful (and award-winning) SharePoint Intranet product used by organizations around the globe.  Last summer, this adventure came to an end when we were acquired. It was an enlightening journey and I am truly thankful for everyone that helped us along the way including our team, clients, partners and friends.

After some time off and getting some clarity on what to focus on next, I finally have some time to share some of my insights in this blog. I know that there are a lot of SharePoint related content out there so my focus would be to provide as much pragmatic content as possible. Expect to see some content you can use to be more successful in your digital transformation.

Some Goals

Working with over 100 organizations over the last 5 years in the Digital Workplace space, below are some common organizational goals and challenges that I have learned.  Naturally, my future blog articles will also focus on providing some insight and helpful tools for these topics. 

  • Digital Workplaces: This is a broad topic, but I want to cover some strategic elements as well as looking into the employee experience and how technology can help uncover and solve various pain points. I believe that a great Digital Workplace should be the goal of every organizational since technology can support every organizational initiative and challenge.
  • Microsoft Teams: Teams is the new way to collaborate and communicate in Office 365 and I want to explore the area further by tackling subjects such as adoption, governance, change management and strategy. I admit I wasn’t a big fan when Teams was first released, but after 2 years I believe that the product is at a stage to become a landmark tool within organizations.
  • Information Architecture: Managing and organizing content has always been a huge challenge and I saw this firs hand during our intranet projects. It didn’t matter if the company was 200 or 200,000 users, it was always difficult to determine how to best structure content so that it was easy to locate, easy to understand and easy to reuse. I will be posting content around IA best practices, tools and various technique that you can use.
  • Office 365: Although SharePoint was my first love, it is impossible to ignore the rest of the Office 365 toolset to see how we can effectively leverage them. Expect a smattering of content around the other workloads and how they can impact an organization.
  • Food: Yes, from time to time I will be posting some recipes! I spent my younger years working as a chef and still have a great love of all things eating and cooking. So, expect the odd recipe or thoughts around the hospitality industry and maybe the odd restaurant review.

Welcome to my new blog and I hope that you enjoy the ride. I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback to make the articles as useful as possible so please make sure that you leave me your comments!



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