Microsoft Teams has a number of really nifty time-saving features and this is one of my favourites. Scheduling Teams meetings can be done in a number of ways but one quick tip, which is guaranteed to save you time, is that you can schedule a meeting directly from chat!

Why Schedule Meetings from Microsoft Teams Chat?

Meetings can be a bit of a necessary evil – we’ve all been involved in meetings that could have just as easily been an email – but sometimes they truly are necessary. When you’re chatting with someone and realize your communication could be a lot more effective face to face, it’s so handy to have a simple way to schedule a meeting with that person.

How to Schedule MS Teams Meetings 

Scheduling a meeting in Microsoft Teams is intuitive and simple. When you are chatting one-on-one and realize you need to have a meeting, you can easily schedule a one with the user you are chatting with by clicking on the calendar icon: 

Simply click on the calendar icon and you will be able to automatically schedule a meeting directly from chat!

This will open up the Teams meetings dialogue with the current user already selected and the next available slot for both users also selected. Sometimes little things like that make all the difference to the user experience:

Microsoft Teams New Meeting
Meeting creation screen in Teams. Luckily Teams is smart enough to also include the person that you were just chatting to as an attendee

Then you just need to fill in all meeting information, add anyone else you think needs to be involved, and voila! You’re all set!


Currently scheduling Teams meetings only works in one-on-one chat. It won’t work if you are having conversations in a Team Channel although you can use the ‘Meet Now’ option if you want to meet now. I have a feeling though that this functionality might be coming to channel based conversations since it would be highly used. If, as we’ve previously discussed, Microsoft Teams and Outlook join forces, the possibilities for incorporating Teams meetings are endless and the whole process could, potentially, be replaced in Teams reducing the need to go to Outlook.

Thanks for reading this post – I hope it helps you save some time in your meeting scheduling! For more tips and tricks on Microsoft Teams meetings, read this. Let me know if you use this tip, or if you have any questions or comments.


  1. […] We’ve talked about creating a meeting out of a Teams chat before, but you can also create one out of an email. To create a meeting with the contents of an email, all you need to do is drag and drop the email to the calendar icon on the bottom left of Outlook. You’ll get a meeting automatically created! You won’t get the person who sent the email added as an attendee (which is a shame) but you do get the title of the email as the title of the meeting and the whole email copied into the invite (which is awesome).  […]


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