If you are like me then you probably have a ton of conversations going on with various teams and can’t keep up with it all. Thankfully there is a capability in Teams to save messages or conversations to a central location so that you can get access to them quickly and at any time.

This feature seems to be called Bookmarking or Saving conversations (or messages) in Microsoft Teams with people using the name interchangeably. However whatever you call it is very easy and can help ensure that you can organize all your important conversation quickly and easily.

Saving a message

To save a message all you need to do is to hover over a message in teams. This will work both in channel as part of a team and private chats.

For instance if I want to save the message below I hover to the right of the conversation and click on the Ellipsis and select ‘Save this message’ as seen below:

Once I have clicked on ‘Save this Message’ you will see a confirmation on the top right hand side of teams underneath your profile:

Accessing your saved message

To access your saved messages you have two options.

Option 1) Click on your profile in the top right and choose Saved

Simply click on the top right hand side of Teams where your profile image is and choose the ‘Saved’ item

Option 2) Use the /saved command from the command bar

The command bar also gives you the option to view your saved items by using the /saved command.

Seeing your saved messages

Now that we have access our saved messages we can see a list of them. Messages are shown in the order that you saved them with the most recent on top. Both your public conversations from Team Channels as well as chat messages will appear in this list.
You will also see the Team/Channel Name from public conversations and just ‘Chat’ if the message is from a private chat. It would be better if instead of ‘Chat’ it said the name or names of the private conversation but hopefully that will improve in the future:

From a user experience perspective if you click on an message you will be taken to that message and it will be highlighted:

My conversation is nicely highlighted when I choose a saved item as seen in the yellow highlight

Removing saved messages

This is pretty easy and can be done in one of two ways:

Option 1) Unsave the message from the item directly

Go to the message and choose the ‘Unsave this message’ option

Option 2) Click the save icon from the saved items list

The other way, and quicker way for bulk entries, is to go to your saved items list and click on the little save icon which will unsave the message.

So there you go! Hopefully this will make your teams experience a little easier and if you have any questions please let me know 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the author of the conversation know that you saved the conversation?
No the author does not know.

Can you categorize or change the order of saved items?
No you cant. It’s simply a list of items that are in chronological order with the most recently saved item appearing on top.

Can I create a task from a list of saved messages
No you can’t but its an interesting idea if it was tied into Planner or Microsft ToDo.


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